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Self-healing time in 3, 2, 1...

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This pink self-healing box has been put together from our favourite items and is the perfect treat for yourself but also unique as a gift for a special woman. The box contains all the items you need for your ultimate self-healing & energy cleanse session. Smudge those bad vibes away baby!

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The self-healing box contains:

  • VTREAT™ steam herbs 50g.
  • Healing rose quartz stone from Madagascar (6-8 cm.)
  • Himalayan saltstone tea-light holder, max. 1,5 kg. with protective caps
  • Palo Santo from Ecuador
  • White sage smudge stick from California
  • Pink incense
  • Beautiful pink VTREAT gift box


You may have noticed but we are FAN of pink. And rose quartz, one of our favorite minerals, has a pink color...

The rose quartz is the stone of love, harmony and tranquility and named after its pink color. The rose quartz varies from dark pink to very light, translucent pink.

The stone opens the heart to receive love and to give love. The stone attracts harmonious love and friendship relationships and also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Rose Quartz has a mild, gentle effect and works soothingly with grief and trauma and promotes empathy, openness and helpfulness.

Physically, the stone has a positive effect on the heart, genitals and works with sexual problems and fertility.

Minerals, crystals and gemstones are pure, and almost magical pieces of nature and are known for their healing powers.

Place the beautiful rose quartz in a nice spot in your home or carry it with you.


The Himalayan saltstone tea light holders come from the world famous salt mines in the Himalayas. Himalayan Saltstone has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect and purifies the air and environment.

The tea light holders are a natural product and can therefore slightly differ from each other in color and size, each holder is unique.


Palo Santo means holy wood or holy stick. The wood comes from the Bursera Graveolens tree. You can find this tree in the coastal areas of Peru and Ecuador.

For centuries, many beneficial effects attributed to Palo Santo. Shamans, Mayas and Incas used the wood in their rituals, but also in daily life Palo santo is used by many people.

Palo Santo can be used as an incense, in meditations or to remove negative energy. Palo Santo has a wonderfully soft, sweet warm fragrance with a calming effect.


Smudge sticks are composed of loose sage leaves. Smudging is the energetic cleansing of spaces, yourself or other people. For example, have you had a negative event like a fight in the house, do you sleep badly, are you going through a sad period or do you have a lot of nightmares? Thenegative, uncomfortable or fearful feelings can be removed by smudging,this can provide more peace and harmony in yourself, your home and surroundings.

White sage leaves come from the Salvia Apiana tree, which can be found in Mexico and California. White sage has been used for centuries for ceremonies and other (cleansing) rituals.