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Our story

She endures hellish pain but also gives us heavenly pleasure. She has her regular party every month and is no stranger to the gynecologist. Yes, we are talking about that dark, secret but versatile place the: V, vagina, vajayjay, yoni or whatever you want to call her. Or do you have your own pet name for her?

More than 50% of women regularly suffer from vaginal complaints and discomfort. Complaints related to stress, busyness, pregnancy, childbirth, sex, infections, menstrual cycle and much more.

Our vagina has enough to endure in a woman's life. Just like you, we too have to deal with these complaints and inconveniences every now and then. We all agree I think it is not always a party to be a woman.

We have our hands full with daily obligations and live in hectic times. As a result, we often forget to take time for ourselves. Taking good care of yourself is therefore more important than ever before.

We therefore looked for a way to use the power of mother earth to support your body in a natural way and created a formula inspired by a ritual that has been used by women worldwide for centuries.

The medicinal VTREAT v-steam herbs blend is composed of 100% natural and specially selected herbs with a powerful, healing effect.

Our products are a must-have for every woman who could use some more me-time moments. Take care of your intimate area in a natural way, thousands of women worldwide have already preceded you.


VTREAT v-steaming rituals